first Sunday of each month

Generally, the most cherished place for a family is sitting around the table sharing a meal together. Spending this time together breaks down barriers and allows intimate time as one family unit. Jesus did the same with not only His closest friends but also with the undesirables of the community. We at Calvary Chapel Christian Fellowship Church believe that everyone belongs at the Table. We desire that everyone is invited and welcomed into the family of Jesus Christ and what better way to do so than coming to the House of God. We want to share with you the warmth and abundance in God’s presence and truly believe it is a blessing to share a meal together, which is why we invite you to do just that! Join us on the first Sunday of the month as we do church together, kids and all, and then share a meal together, as well as some fun games for the kids. Come to the Table and be blessed by God’s word and His church.